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domingo, 3 de fevereiro de 2013

Easy Sundays

♦Credits ♦

Skin - The body co. Ivy, Medium
Hair- (fd), Sunday
Cross Tat - Corvus - Reverse Cross Chest Tattoo
Neck tat - [Sic] Urban Outfitter Fwyh tattoo
Back tat - [flit ink] Wings
Postjail looking arm tats - The Mystique Boutique Stag Skull Tattoo
Lingerie - Kyoot Soft Words (Blue and Pink sets mixed)
Socks - Crazy Daisy Thigh Socks - Pinks
Necklace - [glow] @ SGB Key to My heart
Bracelet (right hand) - [7891.] @ fi*friday Mining Bangle (gold set)
Piercings - :Hebenon Vial: Beast [facial piercings] (not sure its still out to buy )
Building - *ionic* A separate reality